Supreme S/S ’16

y_BAmc9V54o 2.18.16

Supreme season is upon us! This Thursday, Feb. 25th, 2016, is the day that the iconic New York based street wear brand launches its Spring/Summer 2016 collection online to the rest of the world. Following last Thursday’s traditional in-store only drop at its New York, Los Angeles, London, and Japan store locations, you can definitely bet that this first drop is going to sell out instantly. Dedicated customers were lined up days in advance on their respective store blocks in order ensure them the best chances of purchasing the brand’s first delivery of product. Were you one of the chosen ones? If not, don’t sweat it because you’ll have your opportunity this Thursday.

There has been must controversy as to whether Supreme has been living up to its notorious name as the past couple of seasons have been rather mediocre. However, with the official lookbook and product preview images out, it appears that James Jebbia (brand’s CEO) is coming in hot with this upcoming spring/summer line. Some pieces in the collection will include a collaboration with Morrissey from The Smiths band, an Everlast punching bag, vibrant swimwear, jerseys, and caps necessary for the summer, and there is even a rumored Nike Air Max 98 collaboration in the works. Look for these products to drop this Thursday at 11 a.m. EST on Keep your friends close, keep your bots closer.