Bieber Purpose Tour Merch

justin-bieber-purpose-tour-merch-lead3_c6oaow 3.09.16

Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour has been underway for almost two weeks now and it has been everything we have expected! The show has received much positive feedback so far from its first stops including Seattle, Vancouver, Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland, and Los Angeles, and we can only expect it to be the same from now on. The staging, the outfits, the visuals are all amazing but another thing that people are raving about is the merchandise. Initially, some of the merch had typos, however the tour crew solved the issue by allowing anyone who received merch with typos to exchange for new pieces.

The merch includes tees, tanks, hoodies, crewnecks, beanies, hats, and posters. With the helping hand of “Fear of God” founder Jerry Lorenzo, the apparel possesses many aspects of modern day streetwear design. Many of the pieces have similar styles to that of brands such as Fear of God and Vetements. It is surprising to see that Bieber decided to go in this direction with his tour merch considering the demographic of his audience, however the pieces are a good representation of his current style. If you are attending any stops on the tour, make sure to stop by the merch tables as they will only be available at the shows!