FOG Collection One Drop #2

FOG Collection One Spring_9_o439lh 3.22.16

Last fall, Fear of God designer Jerry Lorenzo found a way to connect with the masses by collaborating with Pacsun in creating a more youthful/affordable diffusion line dubbed “FOG”. The collection was meant to appeal to a younger demographic that was saw what Fear of God conveyed and really wanted to partake in that movement but did not necessarily have a fat enough wallet to support it. The designs appeal more to what the younger generation in today’s streetwear culture are drawn to. In that case, we saw pieces that included long line lengths, bombers, military wear, thermals, & flannels that all were very similar to the main line, however the materials that were used weren’t as luxury. The first drop proved to be extremely successful as product flew off the shelves and completely sold out online.

April 2, 2016 the second drop is slated to hit Pacsun stores and we can only expect the pieces to sell out instantly. The rest of the pieces are expected to drop closer to May. Lorenzo states that this drop is simply a continuation of the first one however with new designs, patterns and such. We can expect more bombers, a bomber vest,  flannels, sweats, a Guns and Roses t-shirt (hopefully in time for Coachella), and hopefully a Vans collaboration that was teased by Lorenzo’s Instagram a couple months back. In addition to the new pieces, if you missed out on the first drop, Pacsun will be restocking its basic tees, sleeveless flannel, fleece shorts, pants, and a hoodie. The full lookbook is available online at