Meeting Wex!

IMG_0805 (1)
Jon Wexler, Adidas Global Director of Entertainment and Influencer Marketing

A normal day in Anaheim it was for a few friends and I as we were roaming the happy grounds of Disneyland and California Adventure. As we are walking in California Adventure, a large group of say 17-20 people walk right beside us and are all decked out in Adidas gear and all wearing Yeezy Boost shoes and Ultra Boosts. Ironically, here I am rockin my Pirate Black Yeezy Boosts as well walking adjacent to them and one of the guy’s in the crew says to me “Hey man you got good taste there” as he noticed we were matching and another guy in the crew said “That’s a good start to your morning right there” and as we made eye contact I could not help but notice something familiar about his face. He is the charge of I instantly looked him up on instagram to try and match the face and sure enough it was him.

It was Jon Wexler, the Adidas Global Director of Entertainment and Influencer Marketing. He is the charge of the signing non-athletes to Adidas in addition to product seeding. So for celebs such as Kanye West, Pharrell, and Snoop Dogg, Jon is essentially the man who signed these entertainers to become part of the Adidas family.  As my group fell in line for the Tower of Terror ride, we happened to end up right behind their group. It was hilarious. In line I was able to chat briefly with him about everything that Adidas has been doing in the past year and I told him that I give him full support with everything that they have been putting out. We were able to discuss upcoming product coming out in collaboration with Kanye West and how excited we were that he is now a member of the Three Stripes. I was awestruck that I got the opportunity to even meet the guy, but to get the chance in such unordinary fashion made it that much sweeter. If you’re reading this Jon, I just want to say thank you for your time and keep killing it over there at the brand!