Fear of God

http://tinyurl.com/jtrzgu2 3.10.16

When the time for conversation comes for brands at the top of the streetwear game, many can say that Fear of God is definitely one of, if not the best streetwear brand out there. Founded by young designer Jerry Lorenzo, the brand has completely revolutionized the latest trends in streetwear and has become a monster statement in people’s wardrobes. So far, they have released four collections all including many timeless pieces. If we were to compare this brand religiously, Fear of God would be Jesus, and the rest of the world are his disciples.

Currently, many brands are trying to find their identity and figure out ways to really connect with the masses on how to best present streetwear right now and everything that Lorenzo has accomplished so far has been second to none. Delivering many 90s related pieces such as vintage rock band t-shirts, grungy and tailored denim, quality flannels and overcoats, and perhaps the hottest bombers that you can find in the market today, the brand has been everything Lorenzo expected it to be and more. This brand is perhaps the one of the highest luxury brands of streetwear on the market right now and its pieces will run you anywhere from $125 for a tank top to $1600 for an overcoat so start filling your piggy banks folks! They can be found in many retailers across the world and on fearofgod.com.