Personal Style

Hi guys! Being that I read so much on fashion, I truly believe that dressing up from day to day has become by personal form of self-expression. From time to time, I will be posting pictures here to give you guys a sense of my personal style! I would describe my style as very moody and versatile. Some days I prefer the oversized and grungy look, and other days I prefer to look a little more sharp. It really just depends on my mood. Currently, I am very into solid, dark, timeless pieces that I am able to wear on a regular basis but still be versatile at the same time. If Kanye wore it, I’ll probably want it. If a piece is oversized, there’s a good chance that I’ll be interested. If it’s black, count me in. My fashion icons include that of Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber, and Jerry Lorenzo. I’m super into the way they transcend men’s fashion universe with the use of a outfits that are grungy,  and oversized, but also very controlled at the same time. I love trying to gain my inspiration from these folks and try to put my own personal twists on my outfits that really make it me! Enjoy!